Organic Sweet Basil Oil

Organic Sweet Basil Oil

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Pure and fresh, this Organic Sweet Basil Oil is well-processed from the basil herb with the help of latest technology. This essential oil can be used to enhance focus and alertness or to add a little extra flavor while cooking. It has a warm, spicy and herbal aroma. This oil is known to reduce anxious feelings as well as provides great benefits to both the mind and body and also, has a cooling effect on the skin. Organic Sweet Basil Oil is also used in cooking to add a fresh, herbal flavor to meats, pasta, and other dishes.


  • Effective in revitalizing dull hair and skin
  • Reduces indigestion due to its carminative properties
  • Improves blood circulation\

    Botanical Name - Ocimum Basilicum

    Country Of Origin- India

    Methods of Extraction - Steam Distillation

    Solubility - Insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and Oil

    Uses :-

    • It Stimulates Mind
    • It give relaxed to mind
    • It helps in fevers
    • It helps in treating menstrual problems
    • It helps in improve skin tone & protects skin from acne
    • It helps to treat asthma  , Bronchitis , Sinusitis  & infections
    • It helps in treating constipation
    • This oil is a very good tonic for healing in stress headaches & nervous disorders , migraines & allergies
    • It helps in treating indigestion.
    • It is also called the king of herbs.