Organic Celery Seed Oil

Organic Celery Seed Oil

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The Organic Celery Seed Oil is well known as Ayurvedic oil that is derived from the celery plants. It has high medicinal benefits as it facilitates the elimination of toxins that helps to detoxify process of the body. This oil is liver friendly and protects the liver through its anti-hepatotoxic effects. It is highly effective in lowering blood pressure and hypertension level due to the presence of useful constituents and compounds. This Organic Celery Seed Oil is safely packed to protect of from outer impacts and dust while transit


  • Improves digestive health
  • Protect stomach and intestines for harmful microbes
  • Helps to ease cramps during menstruation period

Botanical Name - Apium graveolens

Method Of Extraction - Crushing and steam distillation

Parts Used : Fresh or dried plant, seeds

Aroma : Spicy & Slightly Bitter in  taste

Chemical Composition: sedanolide, sedanonic anhydride, d-limonene, selinene and sesquiterpene alcohols, fatty acids like linoleic, myristic, palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, petroselinic, oleic and myristoleic


  • Celery seed is used in tonic, sedative 
  • It is also used in cosmetics, soaps, detergents and perfumes as a fragrant agent.  
  • It is used in the food and beverage industry as a flavor agent especially in spices, alcohols and soft drinks.
  • It is widely used for treatment of cancer, diuretic, arthritis.